SopharTops – Active agents that really work! The encapsulation of active agents in SopharTops carrier systems increases: Penetration into the skin, bioavailability, stability of active agents, reduces active ingredient costs, patented carrier systems and more effective than conventional liposomes. SopharTops have a cosmetic effect and can also be used for dietary supplements and customer-specific encapsulation projects. Dr Gabriele Blume has 25 years of experience in the field of liposomes. Close cooperation with the pharmaceutical technology of FSU Jena Why carrier systems? The SKIN is an effective BARRIER. It protects against dehydration and environmental influences. This is why water-soluble active agents and large-molecule substances hardly penetrate the skin, if at all. By encapsulating them in flexible tiny lipid vesicles such as the SopharTops, these substances can also be transported into living skin layers. And with other active agents, the penetration capacity is considerably increased.

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