The range of our production covers: disc and drum chippers for wood used for shredding the waste from logging in the forest, in saw mills, in the work on conservation of park, roadside and orchard stands, in trimming of tree crowns and shrubs, removal of broken branches; energetic willow, etc.hammer mills for wood chips and straw, milling machines (stumpers) for trunks remaining after logging, belt and vibration loading and conveying systems

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Hammer mill Skorpion 800 - Teknamotor

Hammer mill Skorpion 800 is designed for disintegrating chips and other pre-shredded wood waste as well as straw, hay, paper, corn etc into a very small fraction. No of hammers 90 + 12 supporting

Wood chipper Skorpion 350 SDB (drum chipper)

Weight 2470 kg Branch diameter logs up to 250 mm No of knives 4 cutting + 1 counter-knife Chipping capacity up to 16 [stère meters/h] Drum diameter 520 mm Engine model YANMAR -84 HP

Drum wood chipper Skorpion 280SDBG - Teknamotor

Weight 1620 [kg] Branch diameter 180 [mm] No of knives 3 cutting + 1 counter-knife Feeding speed up to 22 [running meters/min] Chipping capacity up to 10 [stère meters/h]

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Фотоматериали, публикувани от тази фирма

  • Chippers for tractors - disc chippers Skorpion 250 RG/90

  • Chippers for tractors - drum chippers Skorpion 2850 RBG

  • Stationary chippers - drum chipper Skorpion 500 EB

Ключови думи, свързани с тази фирма

  • Дървообработване - машини и техника
  • Дървен талаш и стърготини
  • Mobile chippers
  • Stationary chippers
  • Drum choppers
  • wood chipper
  • hammer mills
  • wood chip machines

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