Thermomelt designs, manufactures and supplies turnkey electric arc and EAF-EBT furnaces. It also designs, constructs, supplies and installs ladle furnaces, ladle turrets, ladle cars, VD-VOD vacuum degassing systems, cooling towers and all the tools needed for the correct operation of any steelworks. Thermomelt employs industry specialists who use their 10+ years' experience to deliver equipment for ultra-modern steelworks. The excellent results obtained up till now make Thermomelt a reliable leader on the national and international markets.

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  • Черна металургия и леярство - машини и инсталации
  • Промишлени пещи и огнища
  • Промишлени инсталации - проектиране
  • Промишлени електрически пещи
  • Инженерство - проимишлени проектанти и изпълнители
  • Поглъщане на дима при пожар - инсталации
  • Racks
  • ladle wagons
  • temperature and sampling sensors for EAF and LF
  • ferrous-alloy equipment
  • equipment for steelworks
  • Nail salon equipment
  • industrial furnace and stack equipment
  • electric arc furnaces
  • mechanical structural steelwork
  • smoke extraction
  • industrial systems
  • industrial furnaces
  • metallurgy furnaces
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