Technical coating of surfaces: TOPOCROM®, GRADIENTCROM®, hard chrome, mass hard chrome, oversized hard chrome, nickel sulphamate. Our range of services includes: Complete deliveries of components, sample processing, circular grinding, coating developments together with our customers and on request in cooperation with scientific institutions, e.g. Fraunhofer IPA, IWM, etc. TOPOCROM coating hemispherical surface structure, specific roughnesses and percentage contact are for the functional surface, wear- and corrosion-resistant. Areas of application: Printing, textile and straightening machines, plastic injection moulding tools, engine technology, skin-pass mills for steel, aluminium, magnesium plates GRADIENTCROM coating: Optimised internal stresses of the coating systems, significantly improved corrosion and wear resistance, dimensionally accurate, smooth coating surface (tolerance-dependent)"

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  • Благородни и ценни метали
  • Стомани и метали - машинно обработване
  • Термообработка на стомани и метали
  • Стомани и метали - повърхнинна обработка и футеровка
  • Галванично поцинковане
  • Галванизация на стомани и метали
  • Тежка метална конструкция
  • Металообработващи машини - машинна обработка на метали
  • Машини и инсталации за повърхнинна обработка
  • Галванизиране - машини
  • Anti-friction coating
  • Corrosion protection coating
  • Pipe coating
  • Metal treatment
  • galvanising systems
  • surface treatment of metals
  • non-stick coverings
  • Surface finishing, galvanic

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