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LLC Trade House Komtrade is involved in the wholesale purchase and selling abroad wood processing products, finished goods made of timber, ecological fuel. The main activity of LLC Komtrade is the export of wood pellets to the European Union countries. In 2018, the company received EN PLUS trader certificate for furnace fuel and since then has been shipping products to European countries in its own branded packaging, well known to Italian consumers. Komtrade also sells products made of larch and spruce, OSB panels. Trade House Komtrade is a reliable and responsible partner. The company uses a well-established system for exporting wood pellets and other wood processing industry products: lumber, glued and trimmed products. The company has been active in the wood processing business since October 2011. LLC TH Komtrade is the winner of the regional round of the "Exporter of the Year" contest in the nomination "Trader of the Year". The company's clients are businesses from Italy, Germany, Belgium, and the Baltic states. The trading house has been operating separate divisions in the Czech Republic since 2018 and in India since 2021. Komtrade selects a convenient cooperation plan for each of its suppliers and customers.

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Fuel briquettes are used as fuel and present an excellent alternative for heating of railway coaches, houses (both for ovens and fireplaces), as well as for heating of industrial boiler stations and thermal power plants, equipped with solid-fuel boilers. This fuel does not produce sparks when burning and throws out no coals. - modern, economical, highly efficient and eco-friendly type of fuel - heat of combustion is almost similar to that of coal (birch logs - 2,500 kkal/kg, coal - 4,800 kkal/kg, wood briquettes - 4,500 kkal/kg) - absence of waste after combustion (ash content after combustion: coal - 30%, wood briquettes - 0,5%) - near-complete absence of smoke and harmful emissions during combustion (CO emission are 10 times lower, than those of natural gas and 50 times lower, than those of coal) - time of combustion significantly exceeds the time of combustion of other traditional types of fuel - convenient and clean packaging in 10 kg packs Per-trailer volume.


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Edged larch board, grade 1-4, humidity 16% 50*100/150/200*3000/4000/5000/6000


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Dry birch logs, humidity less than 20% packed in nets, each net weights 15 kg, palletized, 66 nets per pallet and wrapped with stretch-film: log length 30-32 cm, thickness - 7-13 cm, on the pallet 1*1.2 m.


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Oriented strand boards - OSB Board material made of wooden flakes of a certain shape, glued with each other and aligned in outer layers, predominantly, parallel to length or width of the board. In the inner layer of the board, however, flakes are aligned perpendicular to board's direction, or in a random manner The board is used as structural elements of residential and civic buildings, for production of packing, furniture as well as of products and structures, used in residential premises. Straightness error of edges of all types of boards shall not exceed 1.5 mm per 1 meter of the length of the edge. Straightness error of edges of all types of boards shall not exceed 2.0 mm per 1 meter of the length of the edge Perpendicularity of edges, defined by the difference of diagonals of the board, shall not be more than 0.2% of the length of the board Absolute humidity of all types of the boards shall be within the range from 2% to 12% Dimensions, mm: 2,500*1,250 Thickness, mm: 12, 18, 22


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