Yuzhny Polyus vegetable oil plant is a manufacturer of edible oils and fats, vegetable oil, namely refined sunflower oil from Krasnodar Region.

Yuzhny Polyus produces:
—sunflower oil "Yuzhny Polyus" for frying, with neutral flavor and without fragrance;
—sunflower oil of the highest grade "Krasnodar selected" with a delicate flavor;
—sunflower oil "Live Amber" for hot dishes, sauces and bakery;
— frying sunflower oil in 5 L. bottles;
—granulated sunflower press cake for enriching the diet of farm animals.

"Yuzhny Polyus" edible vegetable oil is produced from sunflower seeds, which are tested in the plant's own laboratory. The seeds undergo cleaning and drying, hydrothermal treatment and roasting. Oil is refined in several stages, including hydration, deodorization, neutralization, removal of free fatty acids, and dewaxing.

The oil plant offers refined deodorized sunflower oil directly from the manufacturer. The oil is available in bottles packed in boxes and placed on euro-pallets (EPAL) or filled into rail or road tankers and containers. Shipments are supported by all relevant documents: waybills, CMR, declaration of conformity, quality certificate or certificate of health. The complete list of documents shall be specified in a contract. Packing vegetable oil in bottles and boxes with the customer's logo is available.

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  • Година на създаване 2000
  • Статут на фирмата Статут на фирмата Седалище
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  • Manufacture
  • Refined deodorized frozen sunflower oil top grade Zhivoi Yantar
  • Refined deodorized frozen sunflower oil is the highest grade Yuzhnyu Polyus

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