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    Established in 2012, STOparts is a company supplying spare parts for all types of heavy machinery and equipment from manufacturers and dealers in Turkey. Today we work with more than 120 manufacturers in various areas, both in the wholesale and retail segments of the market. All manufacturers of spare parts with which we cooperate on spare parts for special, construction, and agricultural machinery produce products of very high quality. We export to many countries in Europe, America, and Asia. Today, we have the opportunity to supply spare parts and components for trucks, special equipment, construction equipment, and agricultural equipment. We can also manufacture any spare parts for you upon your request. Our specialization : Stoparts is under the SORS brand in wholesale and retail spare parts supplies for all types of heavy equipment. Timely delivery of spare parts for special equipment is the primary mission of our company. You can order components for the following units and systems of heavy equipment from us: -Axles and differentials; -Engines (internal combustion engines (ICE)) and electric motors; -Cooling systems; -Hydraulic system; -Transmissions (gearboxes) and many more to be discovered on our website! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    Special machinery solution supplied from one source, from development, through to construction, production and automation, to final assembly at the customer's premises. Company motto: "Henke dares to build what others do not! " Small selection of the company's services: Construction and production of: Runways, equipment, transport equipment, manipulators, tilting machines, turning equipment, conveyor systems, chain conveyors, roller conveyors, heavy-duty roller conveyors.



    BHL-Group Transportation & Logistics Company has been performing interna-tional transportation of cargoes since 2008 and has successfully delivered over 150 million tons of various goods to all cities of the Russian Federation, CIS countries, and worldwide. The company's range of services includes: - air freight, - sea and river transport, - road transport by containers, - service provider under contract, - groupage and transport of indivisible loads, - customs clearance, - cargo insurance, - freight forwarding. The company handles shipments of any complexity. BHL-Group provides a full range of logistics services, including transportation of industrial equipment, bulk and heavy cargo, temperature-controlled road transportation, road transportation of oversized machinery and other complex cargo. BHL-Group aims to be a reliable partner and assistant in the market of global transportation for every customer. The company offers its customers the most favorable shipping options in terms of pricing, delivery time and the customer's preferences. The company maintains premium quality of service and offers flexible payment conditions for loyal customers. We provide timely and comprehensive consulting on customs issues, paperwork, and cargo delivery. The company's team is made up of specialists dedicated to their job. We perform air freight, container transport, maritime transport and forwarding in the shortest possible time, with the highest level of quality and reliability.



    Belgo-Milk Company is a leading organization in the field of agriculture and livestock breeding. Established in 1996, the company has over 25 years of experience in commercial activities. In 2005, the company invested in the future and created a dedicated team of executives to develop a new production unit that specializes in a wide range of categories. The company offers affordable livestock units, conventional buildings, warehouses, milking parlors, traps, feeding belts, grinders, silos, cheese dairies and cooling tanks. The company works with several high-quality livestock breeds, including Lacaune Sheep, ASSAF, and Friesland to provide the best possible milk products. The company also uses TYROBOX®, an advanced system that helps ensure the quality and safety of its products: It's the ability to install a ready-made BOX (container) type cheese dairy, ready for operation, with modern machinery and the ability to produce 1500lt of milk per day. The verticalization of production is an economic solution offered by the construction of a small cheese dairy in a container-type space. The simplification of the cheese making process gives the opportunity to the owner to become independent and autonomous in terms of the disposal of the finished goods and bypasses suppliers or intermediaries. Finally, the majority of producers have the option of installing, at a more affordable cost, a small and flexible unit, provided by the Community directives instead of constructing a building.



    Hebold Systems has been supplying and developing custom solutions in vacuum, mixing and homogenising technology for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries for many years. It produces mixers as homogenisation or dispersion systems for the manufacture of creams, gels, ointments, lotions and shampoos. The process systems for manufacturing semi-solid forms can be supplied in standard sizes of 5 to 10, 000 l. Depending on the customer specifications, complete systems consist of one or more HEBOLD mixers with or without lid lifting equipment, homogenisers, preparation phase vessels, vacuum systems, heating and cooling equipment, pipework, catwalks and control systems with process visualisation and recipe management.

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    Paul OTT GmbH is a family-run business with decades of expertise in mechanical engineering. The company develops and constructs special machinery for woodworking. From steel construction to final assembly and setting, the steps are performed in the two factories in Lambach. OTT represents precise edgebanding solutions. Its customers are joineries and the furniture industry, both in Germany and abroad. We are one of the leading manufacturers of premium edgebanders.



    Develops, manufactures and delivers weighing, mixing and dosage systems for impregnation resin and epoxy resin. IFA offers complete solutions for impregnation and coating plants, industrial water purification systems, the glass and rock wool industry, engineering plastics and bulk materials as well as plants for the paint, varnish and building materials industry. Perfect system control and data connection round off the product range. Installation and commissioning by our own employees. IFA Technology offers good and safe handling for storing liquids, solids and bulk materials as well as the appropriate storage containers such as customised shelves, tank farms or silo systems. Among other things, we test and check the compatibility of the materials, the effect of environmental influences and conformity with legal requirements.

  3. ALE73


    With 30 years' experience, ALE73 is your specialist for the design, fabrication, assembly and transfer of machinery for the concrete industry to over 30 countries in Europe, central and eastern Europe, northern and central Africa, etc. Our primary activity is the transfer of complete used concrete plants and their on-site reassembly, in France and internationally. Our secondary activity centres on the sale of equipment and production plants for concrete, quarries, road-making, etc. Our clients include: 1) Manufacturers of concrete products (hollow blocks, blocks, edging and paving). 2) Customers seeking to transfer a plant or machine. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of our clients' needs from the outset, looking at all specific local and industrial factors before deciding on the logistics and choice of equipment (new or used). We choose the equipment that's right for you, and we deal with every aspect of its complete transfer to you. We have all the skills and experience needed to deliver services of this types, including: - automation, - civil engineering, - mechanical engineering and vibration, - hydraulics, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.



    Latest technologies in the processing and dosing of liquid silicones and LSR elastomer production. ELMET registered technological developments as patents back when it was founded in 1996. The name ELMET quickly became associated with high-quality and innovative tools. If the systems and components available on the market are not suitable for an optimum LIM process, ELMET will find the perfect solution through its own in-house developments. The TOP 3000 S dosing system, which is now in its second generation, should be highlighted here. Although the system was developed back in 2003, it has remained the benchmark for the injection moulding of liquid silicones thanks to numerous further developments and the integration of innovative functions since its launch. This makes ELMET a specialist in and partner for the latest technologies in the processing and dosing of liquid silicones and LSR elastomer production in Austria.



    We're present in all the main tomato and fruit transformation areas worldwide. We provide complete lines for preparing tomato sauces and ketchup. We produce complete lines and machines for making fruit juices, plus process lines and systems for making fruit purées (especially apple, pear, peach and apricot). Production of machinery for making jams and preserves. Systems for the processing and transformation of tomatoes. Our new product line for transporting and processing leaf vegetables is particularly recommended for removing sand and coarse impurities. When making syrups (clarified or not) from dates, by-products (yeast, alcohol and vinegar) can also be obtained thanks to the special technology and transformation processes used. Ing. A. Rossi has all the know-how needed to handle the system engineering requirements of the dairy sector.



    We are a strong and reliable development partner from the electric motor manufacturing industry, with its high automated production processes. GASSNER FERTIGUNGSSYSTEME GMBH is synonymous with in-depth expertise in the planning, construction, manufacturing and assembly of machines and tools for manufacturing stators. Among other qualities, our customers appreciate our high level of consulting expertise for difficult problems and tasks in optimising complete products and production lines. Through close cooperation, we use our expertise and knowledge of innovations to create optimally tailored solutions in the fields of winding and insertion technology, shaping and taping stators and complete tooling for all areas of manufacturing.



    Balloons World Store manufactures innovative products, including novelty shaped balloons, structures for compositions of helium-free balloons and the new 100% biodegradable needle filler: Ecostick. Since 1979, we have manufactured RIFCO brand balloon-printing machines (Rifco Machines), of matchless quality and adaptability. BWS delivers outstanding printing on all types of balloons. We offer an international balloon services.



    From weight-accurate slicing to the precise infeeding and packaging of sausage, meat and cheese: Weber Maschinenbau is one of the leading system providers for slicing applications as well as the automation and packaging of fresh products. The company's central aim is to make life easier for customers with outstanding, individual solutions and to enable them to operate their systems optimally throughout the entire life cycle. Round about 1, 450 employees at 22 locations in 18 nations are employed at Weber Maschinenbau today and it is their commitment and passion that contributes to the overall success of the Weber Group every day. From the beginning, the company has been family-owned and is today led by CEO Tobias Weber, the eldest son of the company’s founder Günther Weber.



    For more than 55 years, we have been developing and producing testing machines in the Upper Swabian town of Riedlingen. One of our strengths is the design and production of high-quality special test machines according to individual customer specifications. From the smallest machine with an output of just a few newtons to 10, 000 kN pressure test machines weighing over thirty tonnes, our team of experienced engineers and technicians is able to realise the most demanding designs themselves. Due to our close contact with the leading centres and universities, we are always up to date when it comes to testing technology. Our membership of the Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau (VDMA), a specialist community for testing machines, guarantees you forward-looking technologies, outstanding quality and reliable service. An independent department deals with the development and adaptation of electronic assemblies on our test machines. There's a focus here on project planning and development according to customer-specific specifications. Hardware is produced by a subsidiary in Switzerland.



    ILLIG is a leading supplier of thermoforming systems and tool systems for plastics. Our range of services include development, design, manufacture, assembly and commissioning of complex manufacturing lines and individual components. ILLIG offers its customers resource-efficient and sustainable solutions thanks to the 360° packaging development Pactivity® and powerful packaging systems. With branches and representative offices in over 80 countries, ILLIG is present in all markets across the globe. The family company has been a reliable partner in supporting its customers for over 70 years. Automatic roll-fed forming machines, automatic compressed air machines, decoration stations, automatic hot-seal machines, form, fill and seal lines, forming seal lines, filling seal lines, automatic edging machines, edging machine, automatic blister seal machines, automatic blister machines, automatic seal machines.



    LampTech is a lighting products manufacturer that produces various high-grade IR lamps. LampTech's wide product range includes individual tube IR lamps and twin-tube IR lamps. The range of IR lamps from LampTech has been most recently extended by the fast medium wave infrared lamps. LampTech manufactures UV lamps (ultraviolet lamps) for professional use, particularly for the printing industry. The UV lamps from LampTech are, for example, used for gravure printing, screen printing, offset printing, flexographic printing and letterpress printing. Our products: Infrared lamps, infrared heat lamps, UV lamps for printing ink and paint drying, radiant heaters, ultraviolet lamps, infrared drying systems, short wave infrared drying systems, infrared drying devices, infrared driers for printing machines.



  6. ÁRIK 21 - AGRO KFT


    Welcome to ÁRIK 21 - AGRO KFT, a private trading company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled business solutions to customers worldwide. We specialize in offering quality branded products at affordable wholesale prices, catering to businesses of all sizes. Complementing this, our seamless logistics ensure timely deliveries. As a leading trading company, we excel as a wholesaler and distributor, offering an extensive range of products. Our portfolio includes beverages like soft and energy drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers, dairy products, including baby milk, and indulgent items like chocolates, confectioneries, and premium teas and coffees. Our strong partnerships with renowned FMCG producers such as Nestle, Heinz, Mars, Red Bull, Coca Cola, Tchibo, and Ferrero enable us to serve businesses worldwide with excellence. Our dedication to excellence drives us to explore captivating niche categories and unique brands. We've cultivated reliable relationships with suppliers, ensuring quick order fulfillment within 48 hours. Central to ÁRIK 21 - AGRO KFT is the value we place on trust and lasting partnerships. Our experienced team combines trading expertise with a visionary approach, ensuring efficient transactions. Our goal is to foster collaborations that extend beyond the initial order, emphasizing mutual growth.



    MH MULTIPACK SDN BHD, established in Malaysia in 2002, offers premium Pharma & Cosmetic Filling systems. With AIoT technology, we provide One-stop filling solutions for Aseptic and Non-Aseptic lines. Our pioneering Malaysia Pharma Powder & Liquid Filling Machine adheres to Pharma Engineering GAMP5 and CFR21Part11, showcasing remarkable quality. Products Application: Aseptic Powder Filling Line Oral Powder Filling Line Ophthalmic Aseptic Filling Line Vial Aseptic Liquid Filling Line Aseptic Nested Filling Line Laboratory Liquid Filling and Stoppering Machine Oral Liquid Filling Line Cosmetic Liquid Filling Line From powders to liquids, laboratory to production, standalone units to integrated lines, our tech supports Industry 4.0, AIoT, IPC Rejections, Real Time Monitoring OEE Dashboard, and FDA 21 Part 11 compliance. Prestigious Awards: CE Marked, ISO9001, ISO14001, Malaysian Brand Award, Malaysia Good Design Mark, SOBA Platinum Innovation Awards, Golden Eagle Awards, underpin quality and innovation. Serving global MNC pharma firms and Malaysia's Top Pharma Players, our credibility shines. Our robust support network ensures maintenance at clients' sites. Committed to excellence, Sales Agents amplify our service. Here’s why we stand out: Innovative Solutions: We're streamlining Pharma Packaging processes with cutting-edge technology. Global Presence: We're serving businesses around the world. Efficiency: We're speeding up your production line like never before.



    At Thomson Machinery BV, we specialize in sourcing and trading a wide range of equipment for various industries including building construction, marine construction, excavation, concrete/road work, surface & underground mining, land development, agriculture, trucking, and more. Our aim is to be your ultimate destination for all equipment requirements. We are committed to providing accurate representations of the true condition of every machine we sell, ensuring that you receive exactly what you need. With expertise in buying and selling equipment of all makes, models, and years, we're here to assist you whether you're looking to sell or buy. Don't forget to inquire about our equipment financing options as well. Our comprehensive range of services and value-added features sets us apart in the market. Our personalized and meticulous services utilize cutting-edge physical and digital tools, making us market leaders. We provide expert trading assistance throughout industrial machinery transactions, covering various categories: Metal Processing Machinery, Wood Working Machinery, Printing Machinery, Industrial Automation Technology, Propulsion & Conveying Technology, Forklifts & Industrial Trucks, Food Processing Machinery, Construction Machinery and Material Handling. Your needs are our priority. Our services are designed to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process, encompassing advice, promotion, buying, and selling of your industrial machinery.



    Established in 2014, MRM Concrete Batching Plants is a leading manufacturer based in Turkey, specializing in compact, mobile, and stationary concrete batching plants. With an integrated design and production process, we have successfully installed and commissioned numerous concrete batching plants in various countries worldwide, offering reliable after-sales service. Our global reach spans 4 continents, with our mobile and stationary-type concrete batching plants being exported to dozens of different countries. At our state-of-the-art factories in Ankara Başkent Organized Industrial Zone, we achieve a remarkable production capacity of 60 batching plants per year within a closed area of 12, 000 m². Our expert workforce, equipped with cutting-edge technology and machinery, has swiftly gained brand recognition by delivering uncompromising quality and exceptional service. Our product portfolio: •Stationary Concrete Batching Plants •Mobile Concrete Batching Plants •Site Type Power Plants •Compact Concrete Batching Plants •Cement Silos and Silo Equipment •Concrete Mixers At MRM Concrete Batching Plants, our ready-mixed concrete batching plants cover an extensive range of processes, from top-notch production to seamless installation, as well as comprehensive after-sales training and spare parts supply. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, striving to deliver superior products and services throughout every step. Contact us for more!



    Established in 2016, Alchemist Technologies manufactures agricultural machinery from Turkey. We mainly produce agricultural trailers with the ALCHEMIST TRAILER brand, such as bale trailers, traditional trailers, and monocoque trailers featured for the needs and comforts of farmers. On the same roof, we submit our marketing services to our business partners to serve and satisfy our customers' needs with a professional sales and technical team. We offer agricultural solutions such as : •Tillage equipment, •Planting equipment •Loader and accessories, •Haymaking equipment, •Fertilizers and manure spreaders, •Energy solutions, •Packing machines, •Sprayer equipment and animal husbandry equipment, please visit our website to discover more! Our principal partner KOMSILAJ Wrapper Round baller machines, is the true leader in Turkey and is known for its strength and most advanced features (These machines can pack tomato pulp and dry materials such as cotton). Our second leading partner is OPAL PIVOT, known for its high-performance sprinkler and gearbox-made Center, Linear, and universal pivots for agricultural irrigation needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information !



    Slicer model S220/AF, made in an anodized aluminium alloy makes for fast cleaning and absolute hygiene. The cutting thickness regulator ranges from 0 to 15 mm and is very precise allowing decimal adjustments. The sharpener is easy to assemble, which thus simplifies the user's work and guarantees perfect cutting and product efficiency over time.



    Mach designs, builds and sell glass washers, dish washers, utensil washers and equipment for large users such as hotels, bars, restaurants, bakeries and ice-cream makers. Since 1988, our aim has been to become a leader in a highly competitive industry and in recent years our single-mindedness has enabled us to achieve some excellent results which are reflected by our many satisfied clients in Italy, Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa.



    Established in 2000, Makenas Grain Milling Technology is a turnkey flour, semolina, maize, and steel silo plants milling machines manufacturer from Turkey. We are a dynamic and expanding company with our 28.000m2 area (10.000m2 closed and 18.000m2 open area) production facility. We have a wide product portfolio such as : •Grain Separators, •Horizontal Scourers •Dry Stoners, •Dampening Machines •Roller Mill Machines •Plansifters •Bucket Elevators •Chain Conveyors, •Pneumatic Cyclone •Product Storage Silos •Hammer Mills, •Drum Sifter and many more are to be discovered on our website! Our main mission is to produce and sell machinery and spare parts and consumption materials with the best quality and suitable prices for our customers. We improve our products by following the newest trends in new technology and aim to become the leading company in the domestic and international markets. In addition, we also provide facility installation. As Makenas we supply our machines worldwide such as in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, and many more! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!



    We are a leading manufacturer of components for hydraulic drive technology. We can provide it all – from advice to development and production, through to just in time delivery or as a kit. We also offer various logistics services. INTERHYDRAULIK provides top quality in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001: 2009. INTERHYDRAULIK GmbH is headquartered in Selm. Here, at around 28 km from Dortmund, administration and production are combined under one roof. It is the objective and task of our around 130 employees to continually improve the quality of our products and services. The design, development, production and logistics areas come together with other areas of the company to line a path towards customer-optimised products. We offer innovative products and excellent service.


    Южна Корея

    Хлебопекарната и сладкарската промишленост използват "машина за ориз" Сладката машина SYP Rice може да бъде класифицирана като машина за печене или машина за сладкарски изделия. Ние сме производство на оризова торта мак машина. Тази натурална машина за изпичане на зърнени култури произвежда зърнени чипове или торта, използващи само 100% естествено зърно, например ориз, кафяв ориз, царевица, ечемик и т.н. Ориз машината може да произвежда чипс от картофи, соев боб или др. Боб палет. Тъй като 100% зърнена закуска е отлична за хранителните съдържания и получава добра репутация от потребителите, тя е лесна за комерсиализация. Нашата серия SYP има компактен дизайн и превъзходно удобство за използване. Също така е лесно да се контролира времето, дебелината и формата и поради това се използва широко от магазините до фабриките. Той също така се нарича като ориз торта машина, пука машина, изскочи машина торта, машина за ориз поп, царевица торта машина, puffing машина, puffed торта машина, корейски машина за торта ориз, поп машина и т.н.



    Full extrusion lines for plate, strip, film, alveolar profile, plastics, optical quality, universal plate. A family company employing 140 staff and set up to serve the international market with great professionalism and skill. From design to after-sales, Omipa offers its clients all over the world the technical assistance and expertise needed to provide whatever the market needs.



    Simoni s.r.l. has been producing brushes since 1830. The company is specialised in the design and manufacture of technical industrial brushes made to plan and upon request. The company Simoni stands apart from the rest thanks to its great capacity to adapt to clients' specific requirements and provide innovative design solutions. The industrial brushes are used for many different mechanical operations, across a host of manufacturing sectors.



    Presently GAI has a 200 people workforce. The personnel is considered as human capital, a resource. It's selected from the most highly-rated universities and vocational schools. Engineers, technicians, testers and fitters. It's obviously a virtuous circle as the investment in human resources results in machines that are designed internally with the highest know-how, this has led GAI's machines to improve continuously during the course of the years.

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