Bauman MSTU Translation Centre of Scientific and Business Papers was established in 1992. Our primary activity is translation of scientific and technical documentation.
Our Company offers services of experts specializing in different fields, graduates of almost all famous higher education and scientific-research institutions of the Russian Federation.
There are more than 203, 000 of completed orders of different scope by the beginning of 2021. We perform translations almost from all of the world’s languages into Russian language and from Russian language into these languages.
We have a great experience of long-term cooperation and within the framework of this cooperation we render services on multilingual support of corporate clients.
The main objective of our company is continuous quality assurance process and availability of services for different groups of clients. Our partners and clients are hundreds of Russian and foreign companies and thousands of citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries. Besides, we translate documents for many state enterprises, as well as for the leading industrial and defense enterprises of the Russian Federation.

Areas of our Specialization:
-Aviation and Cosmonautics
-Oil and Gas Industry
-Geology and Geological Survey
-Telecommunication and IT
-Radio electronics and microelectronics
-Nuclear Power Industry
-Chemical Industry
-Medicine and Health Protection

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  • translation of documents
  • translations of contracts
  • translation of medical texts
  • scientific translations
  • sworn translations
  • Translation of Official Documents
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  • Simultaneous interpreting, conference interpreters
  • translation agency
  • translators of business documents
  • simultaneous interpreting
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