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Our company BCR BOROWY, located at Saint-Andiol, specialises in the wholesale and semi-wholesale of used clothing and thrift shop imports and exports. We also carry shoes, leather goods and household linens. We have summer and winter items for men, women and children. We sell by the kilo. We always select top quality clothing, then sort it by category.


Информация за фирма

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  • брой на персонала
    1 – 10


  • Основна дейност
    Търговец на едро

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  • Облекло - внос-износ
  • Дрехи от оказион
  • Детски дрехи
  • Мъжки дрехи
  • Обувки
  • used clothing wholesaler
  • Destocking
  • Bulk used clothes
  • import of second-hand clothing
  • wholesale household linen