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WE OFFER YOU COST-EFFECTIVE WIPE SOLUTIONS SPECIFICALLY GEARED TOWARDS THE DEMANDS OF THE RESPECTIVE WORK PROCESS AND ENVIRONMENT. WE COVER THE FOLLOWING AREAS OF APPLICATION: WIPES FOR CLEANING, CARE AND DISINFECTION Additional factors such as user-friendliness and low-cost disposal are major factors which we consistently incorporate within our product-development activities. With our wipe solutions, your employees can perform their cleaning and wiping tasks faster and more efficiently, and therefore more cost-effectively. With our expertise, we operate in 18 European countries and the USA, serving as a point of contact to businesses working in the following sectors: Industry, Food & Beverage, Precision Mechanics and Optics, Automotive, Varnishes/Paints and Printing, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Construction, Healthcare, Cleaning and Services. Our customers and partners rely on the powerful performance of our products, our speedy delivery times and our expert consulting service which always focuses on finding the best possible solution for our customers. We have been doing this for over 80 years, with quality Made in Germany.


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  • Препарати за промишлено почистване и поддръжка
  • Промишлено почистване
  • Изделия за бебешка хигиена
  • Industrial cleaning cloths
  • Non-woven fabrics for medical applications
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • cleaning rags
  • Catering supplies (non-food)
  • microfibre sheeting
  • Machine cleaning cloths