CBD-Vertriebskompetenz GmbH is a pioneer when it comes to medical CBD in Austria. We can explain the correct dosages and uses not only to end customers but also to therapists and healthcare professionals. CBD-Vertriebskompetenz GmbH acts primarily as an expert intermediary between producers and marketers. We specialise in CBD products and only choose medical specialists and trained staff for consulting and sales. CBD-Vertriebskompetenz GmbH offers products with the highest quality and safety standards. All of the products we distribute and market are subject to rigorous checks by independent, certified laboratories. There are always new and significant scientific findings with respect to appropriate uses for CBD. We believe that it is our task to make this active substance more widely known among the public and to make it safely accessible.

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  • 6% Full Spectrum Hemp Extract with MCT Oil
  • 12% Full Spektrum Organic Hemp Extract with MCT Oil
  • 24% Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract with MCT Oil

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