CHEMEGRA is your expert partner for the mechanical processing of various slag for sand blasting (slag abrasives) and of other granules for different applications. In particular, CHEMEGRA produces quartz-free single-use abrasives in your requested grit size and in your preferred packaging. For example, these abrasives are suitable for providing corrosion protection in bridge repairs, bodywork surface treatment, concrete repairs, facade restorations, etc. Abrasives, manufacture of various grit sizes, polished gravel and reusable abrasives, building materials for enhancing ground properties and backfill materials. We can also custom pack our customers' bulk or powdered material as part of our contract filling/refilling service in the space of just a few days. We are also willing to fill big bags (large, flexible bags), including at the customer's premises (mobile system).

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  • Стомани и метали - повърхнинна обработка и футеровка
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  • Abrasives
  • Abrasives (anti-silicosis)
  • Wood pellets
  • Slag abrasives
  • Silicon carbide
  • Single-use abrasives
  • Bulk material
  • Big bag filling
  • Sack filling
  • Steel balls
  • glass pearls
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