EGEMAR SARL is a sea produce exporter: fresh or frozen produce. EGEMAR SARL specializes in wholesale and retail sales of sea produce, primarily shellfish, fish and molluscs from its base in Mauritania. We guarantee quality products and services to build sound professional relationships with our partners not only today but for the long term. We respect our produce which is carefully selected and comes from sustainable fishing. We guarantee we respect environmental standards. Our mission is to ensure you find the best of the ocean on your plate. We make the best sea produce available to you so that you can appreciate the various taste sensations, and also the benefits of healthy fish- and shellfish-based cuisine.

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  • 11 – 50
    брой на персонала
  • 1 – 10
  • 95%
    % оборот за износ
  • 1.000 K€ - 2.499 K€


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  • Poissons frais
  • Poissons surgelés
  • Cymbium frais

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  • Риболов - внос-износ
  • Черупчести мекотели (раковини, ракообразни)
  • Лангусти
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  • Fresh fish exports
  • Frozen fish exports
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