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Having manufactured home textiles and conducted research in this field for three generations, Espira Home family has focused on sustainable business partnerships since 1958, and began to offer its products across the world. Home textile products and studies developed by Espira Home employing entirely unique solutions have gained widespread recognition over the years, and yielded more than 100 business partners in over 30 countries. On the other hand, Espira Home and its innovative home textile products keep evolving in line with today’s digital world by means of studies on new experiences and R&D. Espira Home has always focused on “business and product development suitable for all markets, platforms and countries”, and it provides manufacturing and supply services in all home textile products in demand with high quality materials such as wool, cotton and bamboo. The entire product range of Espira Home collections has been carefully curated by its experienced staff, and it aims to provide world-class service with its fast and transparent approach. With its wide supply network, large manufacturing capacity and years of experience, Espira Home carries the local flavors and quality of Turkish manufacturing over to the entire world. Our products are certified by amfori BSCI, IDFL, Lenzing and OEKO-TEX. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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Created by combining the antipill, antiallergic, quickdrying Microplush and microgel filler, the naturefriendly material closest to goose down, Softness offers quality sleep with its extremely light and fresh texture. Softness protects your body against changes in temperature, and adjusts the humidity level inside your mattress.


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The carbon fibers woven into the antistress fabric absorb the static electricity accumulated in your body throughout the day. A night of quality, comfy sleep would help you release all the tension and stress thanks to Relax pillows and comforters.


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The climate effect is an air control system discovered in sleep research, an ideal synthesis of nature and scientific studies. Under normal conditions, rising body temperature causes sweating during sleep. As a result, as humidity increases gradually, the temperature continues to increase in parallel with the increase in humidity. The holes in the air control line of Climate keep the temperature and humidity in the sleeping environment at an optimum level. As the moisture is drawn away from the bed, evaporating out of the air control holes as the air warms up and rises, cold air is prevented from entering by means of a doublechannel ventilation unit. It provides an air conditioning system that creates temperature and climate balance, especially for those who sweat during sleep.


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Cotton will take you back to your childhood with its soft and full structure, as it distributes heat evenly by releasing air during sleep and protects your body against changes in temperature.


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