Fabricantes de productos químicos de limpieza profesional

Manufacturers of professional cleaning chemical products, distributors of supplementary products and industrial hygiene material. Over 1, 000 items. Detergents, washing-up products, graffiti removal products, air-fresheners, disinfectants, hand gel, grease removal products and all types of chemical products for professional cleaning. High-pressure water cleaners, sinks, cleaning trolleys for hotels, swimming pool maintenance, cellulose and much more. Perfect service and very competitive prices. Become a distributor!

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  • Productos de limpieza y conservación industrial

  • Productos de limpieza y conservación industrial

  • Productos de limpieza y conservación industrial

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  • Професионални сапуни и препарати за миене
  • Промишлено почистване
  • Промишлено почистване - машини
  • Инсектициди (срещу насекоми)
  • cleaning machines
  • air fresheners
  • industrial cellulose
  • Cleaning equipment
  • cleaning trolleys for hotels
  • hand gel
  • general cleaning agents
  • burnisher
  • floor waxes
  • Bin bags
  • graffiti removal products
  • Biodegradable cleaning products
  • Cleaning articles
  • waste baskets for garbage
  • degreasers
  • scale-removers
  • detergents
  • savonerie
  • proportioning devices
  • Air fresheners, household
  • abrasive and polishing products
  • cleaning products
  • non-fabric fabric napkins
  • paper napkins

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