UAB FCR MEDIA LIETUVA is a part of the international FCR Media group, which consists of 12 companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Romania, Hungary  and Uruguay occupies a leading position in the Lithuanian mass media and advertising market. The company seeks to be the best provider of leads for small and medium size businesses in its markets. FCR Media is a leading info media company, operating in the local search and advertising market through online and mobile products. We create value by providing an integrated portfolio of cost-effective and simple-to-use advertising that connects buyers quickly and efficiently with sellers. We offer a range of complementary services in online, mobile and social media, to assist the consumer in making informed purchase decisions. Our services connect the consumer quickly and intelligently to an extensive choice of relevant service providers in close proximity.

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  • Рекламни агенции
  • Търговски централи - реклама
  • Търсачки и указатели - Интернет услуги
  • On-line услуги - управления по рекламата
  • Консултантски услуги по вътрешна комуникация
  • Директен маркетинг - консултантски агенции
  • Телефонни центрове
  • Консултантски услуги и медийно планиране
  • B2B search engines
  • Europages reseller
  • Europages official partners
  • Online publishing
  • B2B internet advertising
  • Digital media agency
  • Website search engine optimisation
  • Advertising on the internet
  • Internet - agencies selling advertising space
  • Company directory
  • publishing services and consulting
  • Internet marketing
  • Internet advertising
  • internet advertising management
  • advertising agency
  • internet communications consulting
  • on-line advertising planning
  • research on and via the internet
  • B2B website creation
  • b2b services
  • B2B database
  • Mobile Internet sites

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