Flügel CSS is one of the leading manufacturers of sharpening steels worldwide. Our customers are the top brands for cutlery and household products and distributors/wholesalers for professionals. We offer a wide range of sharpening steels, knife sharpeners and cutlery services for household and professional use. This includes traditional sharpening steels, knife sharpeners, diamond/ceramic coated steels and special products for outdoor/leisure purpose. Our service includes the production of knife and scissors blanks, as well as special stamped blades and similar products for professional use, like agricultural, paper industry, etc. Modern automatic punching machines and free-cutting presses offer high flexibility and productivity. The protective gas hardening shop specialises in the individual heat treatment of cutlery, as well as being a contract service provider for many other industrial sectors such as mechanical engineering, medical technology, etc.

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  • Нарязване на стомани и метали
  • Metal stamped parts
  • Knife blanks
  • Scissor blanks
  • Machine knives
  • Grinding shop for machine knives
  • Household knives
  • Slaughtering knives
  • knife blades
  • Blanks for cutlery
  • Heat treatment shops
  • Belt oven – Protective gas – Hardening shop
  • Stainless steel heat treatment
  • Vacuum hardening shop
  • Ice hardening
  • Contract hardening shop
  • Soft annealing
  • Sharpening steels
  • Tool sharpeners
  • Slaughtering and butcher's sharpening steels
  • Sharpening steel with diamond coating
  • All-ceramic sharpening block
  • Knife grinder
  • Butcher's tools
  • Meat industry products
  • Slaughterhouse supplies
  • Sharpening stones
  • stamping parts
  • annealing of metals
  • knife sharpeners
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