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The Geissel Group is one of the leading manufacturers of cable glands and accessories as well as precision turning parts. Our company was founded in 1920 by Wilhelm Geissel and, with 160 employees worldwide today, represents quality, tradition and innovation. The story of our company is typical of a mediumsized company in the Baden-Württemberg region. It all started as a small turning shop manufacturing brass turning parts for the electrical and household appliances sector. The company originally occupied the former skittle alley of a restaurant in Mühlacker but these premises soon became too small and a larger production facility was built. Following the steady expansion of the production areas in Mühlacker, construction started on our current main plant in Mühlacker-Lienzingen in 1980. The 1950s saw a significant expansion of our manufacturing output with the addition of cable glands and accessories. The success story of the M Classic gland began. In 1994 the Geissel Group expanded its global operations and established a production plant in Pune, India. The company is now managed by Peter, Marc and Vanessa Seidel; the third and fourth generation of the family.

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Light + Building Frankfurt - Halle 12.1, Stand D35

Участие в събитие ・ 13.03.2020 г. четете по-нататък Open In New icon

„Connecting. Pioneering. Fascinating.“ lautet das Motto der Light + Building in Frankfurt am Main. Mit diesem Leitthema geht die Weltleitmesse vom 27. September bis 02. Oktober 2020 an den Start. Alle Markführer haben sich angemeldet. Erwartet werden rund 2.700 Aussteller, die ihre Weltneuheiten für Licht, Elektrotechnik, Haus- und Gebäudeautomation sowie Sicherheitstechnik präsentieren. Bitte besuchen Sie uns an unserem Stand D35 in der Halle 12.1 vom 27.09.2020-02.10.2020!



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