Höhenrainer manufactures turkey sausages from 100% pure turkey meat. Our products contain little fat, lots of high-quality protein and are therefore very tasty and versatile. We have more than 35 products, each offering top German quality from family tradition. Premium quality and complete satisfaction are paramount for us. To that end, we use only the best ingredients, traditional recipes and the authentic German master butchers. All our produce is made in our Bavarian homeland. The name "Höhenrainer" comes from the village of Großhöhenrain, where our company is based. The business was founded by Georg Lechner, who introduced the turkey to Bavaria – and it had been family-run ever since – a Bavarian tradition. We guarantee traditional Bavarian sausage-making thanks to experienced employees with many years of service – a team of approximately 200 employees altogether. We train staff ourselves: Many of our former apprentices now have positions in our company with lots of responsibility.

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  • Turkey Products from Germany / Bavaria

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  • dressed pork factory products
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  • regional dishes and specialities
  • avicultural industry
  • finished poultry products

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