Our company offers a wide range of products, covering optics, crystals and lasers. Impex's core business focuses on cutting, grinding and further processing synthetic sapphire. This unique material is used to manufacture precision lenses, domes, high-pressure components and other optics. During its 15-year history, Impex has established itself as a reliable supplier and project partner to numerous well-known global companies in the medical and defence sectors, as well as various industries. We also manufacture lenses, prisms, substrates, mirrors, windows, polarisers and beam splitters, etc. made from fluorides, selenides, garnets, a wide range of glasses, and various other IR materials. In the laser sector, we develop and produce passively Q-switched sort-pulse lasers for niche markets and special 3 µm lasers with ultrashort pulses for medical and scientific applications.

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  • Sapphire windows

  • Optical crystals

  • Er YAG Laser

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  • Оптика - инструменти
  • Лазер - медицински приложения
  • Sapphire lenses
  • Sapphire crystals
  • Laser diode drivers
  • Sapphire hemispheres
  • Sapphire crucibles
  • Sapphire blanks
  • Optical components for medical equipment
  • quartz
  • laser
  • Precision optics
  • laser optical instruments
  • Laser diameter measurement instruments
  • optical lenses
  • optical filters
  • Components, sub-assemblies and systems for laser technology
  • optical mirrors

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