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Lambiotte & Cie S.A. is a leading global producer of chemical substances from the acetals family. Their physicochemical properties and low toxicity for humans and the environment makes these products highly sought-after alternatives for manufacturers seeking to formulate products that are innovative and safe, for professional users and the general public alike. Their versatility mean acetals can be used for a wide variety of finished products and applications, such as paint-strippers and all other types of industrial or domestic cleaning product; cosmetic and technical aerosols; plastics, composites and polyurethane foams; paints, inks and adhesives; pharmaceutical synthesis, veterinary and agrochemicals. Our distribution network exports 98% of our output to countries beyond Belgium, with 30% going to non-European countries (North America, South America, Middle East and Asia).

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European Coatings Show 2023

Участие в събитие ・ 23.03.2023 г. четете по-нататък Open In New icon

We will be pleased to welcome you on our booth at European Coatings Show in Nuremberg in order to discuss about our range of acetals as solvents, co-solvents or additives. Our substances can improve the technical properties of liquid or aerosol formulations in application fields as diversified as paints and varnishes, inks, adhesives, rubbers and polymers processing, as well as the cleaning or removal of residues of all these products. Their main characteristics: •high solvent power for excellent ingredients compatibility and increased adhesion on some plastics; •low viscosities and surface tensions for improved levelling and wetting capabilities; •low to high evaporation rates to achieve optimum open and drying times; •partial to complete miscibility with both solvent and aqueous phases; •low toxicological and eco-toxicological labeling for safer products. We’re looking forward to meet you at this event in Hall 3, Booth 125


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