Lenkomtech Company has been working at Russian municipal utility services machinery market since 2009 and manufactures, sells and delivers special vehicles and equipment, such as farm machines, utility equipment and spare parts for it.

In our catalogue you’ll find more than 1000 special vehicles and units: farm trailers, fuel tankers, fertilizer and manure tanks, agricultural system, liquid organic fertilizer application machines and sprayers, washing machines and installations, plants and equipment for special waste, plants and equipment for the production of manures and fertilizers, fertilizer production machinery, soil preparation machinery and equipment and spare parts for it with photos, video and prices.
You can purchase the item needed on-line right from our website.

We’re direct manufacturers and can deliver you units on GAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ, MAZ chassis and tractor based road and utility vehicles.

Our production premises in Penza cover more than 4000 m2 on the territory of 1.5 hectares. There we manufacture spare parts, agricultural machines and accessories, tanks and semi-trailers with the use of Japanese and Italian equipment. We have special painting line for our products and technical inspection posts.

All that enables us to complete large orders according to individual design projects.

Our reputation is confirmed by our customers’ feedback all over Russia.

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  • 1.000 K€ - 2.499 K€


  • Година на създаване 2009
  • Статут на фирмата Статут на фирмата Седалище, Фирма-майка
  • Основна дейност Основна дейност Производител

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  • Fire tractor trailer
  • Fuel tanker truck
  • Fuel tanker truck

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  • Селскостопански машини
  • Ремаркета-цистерни
  • Селскостопански машини и аксесоари
  • Подготовка на почвите - машини и техника
  • Земеделие - инсталации и съоръжения
  • Utility equipment
  • Fuel tankers
  • Liquid organic fertilizer application machine
  • Liquid organic fertilizer sprayer
  • liquid fertilizer
  • manufacture of washing machines
  • fertilizer production machinery
  • agricultural machinery and equipment
  • Washing installations
  • plants and equipment for special waste
  • organic soil improvers
  • semi-trailers
  • traction farm trailers
  • Farming machinery manufacturer
  • production of agricultural machinery
  • manure spreaders
  • fertilizer spreaders
  • sprayers
  • farm vehicles
  • farming machinery
  • farm machinery
  • agricultural systems
  • manure tank
  • fertilizer tank
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