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Manufacturer of technical and decorative fabrics made from glass fibre, Mermet offers transparent and black-out fabrics for all types of outdoor and indoor blinds. The new collection of "Intelligent solar protection fabrics" meets all expectations by providing visual appeal and thermal comfort while limiting energy consumption; the fabrics can be used when laying out spaces and as an architectural textile; printable fabrics, they can be used for both signage and solar protection. The new collection, Screen Nature fabric is 100% PVC-free, has no polyester and no halogen: available in 240 cm width. To complete the offering, acoustic absorption fabric, Acoustis® 50, is THE solution for improving acoustic comfort in noisy places when it is fitted as a stretched ceiling, on frames, awnings, blinds, etc. For new constructions or renovations, Mermet® fabrics provide the solution to all your project requirements!

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For more than 65 years, Mermet has been designing and manufacturing high performance technical fabrics to equip all types of solar protection blinds. Thermal and visual comfort.

MERMET - Smoke Opacity test in the event of a fire

Comparison of the smoke opacity of 2 fabric samples placed in a test tube in an oven at 700°C. The glass bell placed over it collects the smokes. Changes in smoke density are measured using a luxme

Screen Nature fabric, proven incombustibility

Comparison between 2 polyester fabrics, the coated glass yarn fabric Satiné 5500 and the 100% glass fabric Screen Nature from Mermet. Result: Screen Nature obtains the highest possible classifi.

Mechanical endurance tests of 10 000 cycles

To guarantee exceptional durability, Mermet subjects its fabrics to mechanical endurance tests. Results: fabrics certified NF EN 13120, NF EN 13561


Фотоматериали, публикувани от тази фирма

  • External sun breaker

  • Internal roller blind

  • Printed decorative panels

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  • Платна за щори и брезенти
  • Тъкани за технически нужди
  • fabrics for roof window blinds
  • skylight fabrics
  • vellum fabrics
  • vertical strip fabrics
  • roller blind fabric
  • fabric for visual comfort
  • acoustic fabrics that absorb sound, noise reduction fabrics
  • fabrics for space furnishings, stand fittings
  • tensile fabric structures
  • fabrics for signage, display fabrics
  • translucent fabrics
  • 100% black-out fabrics???
  • 100% glass fibre fabrics
  • glass fabric
  • Fabric for awnings
  • Fabric for garden shades
  • Fabric for roller blinds
  • Fabric for boat blinds
  • light stabiliser fabric
  • blackout fabric
  • solar protection fabric
  • fabric for outdoor blinds
  • fabric for indoor blinds
  • transparent fabric
  • fabric for acoustic comfort
  • sun blind canvas
  • fabric for thermal comfort
  • stretch ceiling fabric

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