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AIST today is a wide range of models where everyone will find exactly the bike they need. We produce more than 120 different models of children's, hardtail, folding, urban, road bikes under the brands AIST and KRAKKEN. AIST is actively engaged in the development of electric bicycles, produces ready-made electric models and offers bicycle kits for equipping almost any bicycle. Since 2018, MotoVeloZavod LLC has also been a member of the CIE Bicycle Manufacturers Association in Europe. At its base, AIST offers the organization of the assembly of third-party trademarks according to the OEM scheme, we provide a certificate of our own production. This allows you to get production preferences on the territory of Belarus, including the absence of EU anti-dumping duties, as well as profitable logistics. Our company also produces motorcycles and scooters. There is a large selection of motorcycles with different engine sizes for every taste and design. The M/NSK motorcycle brand has been widely known on the market since 1951, more than 6.5 million motorcycles have been sold in total. Today, the M/NSK model range consists of 13 motorcycles for various purposes: Classic, Urban, Enduro, Adventure, Scooter. All products are manufactured using modern technologies on advanced European and Chinese equipment. The company's specialists are constantly working to expand the range of products, taking into account market requirements, improving materials and design.


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