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International Trading Company LLC sells wholesale agricultural products from Russia's eco-friendly regions and other countries worldwide. The company supplies the following: •oilseeds (that of brown and golden flax, sunflower, camelina, mustard, safflower, oilseed radish); •legumes (soybeans, beans, chickpeas, green and red lentils, yellow and green peas, winter and spring vetch) •seeds of perennial and annual herbs (Medicago polymorpha, melilot, meadow clover, timothy, and fescue); •grains of cereals (wheat, barley, rye, Emmer wheat, oats, buckwheat, yellow and red millet, corn, white and red sorghum). ITC LLC has established partnerships throughout the Far East, Western Europe, and Asia. The company operates as an exporter, it is a trusted and reliable participant of foreign economic activity and has been registered in the Integrated Foreign Economic Information portal. The products traded by ITC comply with all relevant Russian and global quality standards, conform to GOST and international standards, they have passed the mandatory certification. The company delivers agricultural goods by water, road and rail transport worldwide in the shortest possible time. Cooperation with major agricultural companies from different countries allows ITC to promptly deliver products at favorable conditions for customers. The company's clients enjoy transparent and comfortable shipments thanks to the professionalism and experience of the company's staff and well-functioning processes.

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A fodder plant that is actively used in modern agriculture. The most widespread culture was received as siderat. Also, essential oil, as well as essences from the plant, are used as a basis for the preparation of certain medicines. Most often they can be found in vitamins, teas, and preparations. Dried leaves of oil radish as part of special preparations have a calming effect on a person, help to cope with stress and headaches. Many massage oils contain the essential oils of this particular plant. They have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, contributing to its smoothing and relaxation. Also rare essential oils are found in shampoos and hair conditioners. Due to their presence, the hair becomes silky and shiny, acquiring a light honey scent. It is used by manufacturers of engine oils and diesel fuel for technical machines and combines. An emulsion made from the oils of this plant is used when it is necessary to lubricate parts of mechanical devices.


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Safflower – an ancient oil and dye culture. It is used as an oilseed, the oil is used in the production of margarine. Products that are made of safflower dyeing, safflower oil is especially appreciated in cosmetology. It is saturated with linoleic acid (about 80%), which is not synthesized in the body. Linoleic acid gives elasticity to blood vessels, regulates important processes of the body, has a moisturizing effect, high penetrating ability. Safflower oil has a softening, strengthening and nourishing effect on the skin, normalizes cellular functions, improves blood circulation, has an antiinflammatory effect, high waterholding and moistureregulating ability. In addition, safflower oil dye serves as an active conductor of other components of cosmetics in deeper layers of the skin.


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Oil made from seeds is used for food and technical purposes, and fatfree seeds are used to make the best varieties of table mustard and in medicine for the production of mustard plasters. Black mustard has good honey properties, honey productivity is 260 kg / ha. This plant is also used in soap making. Black mustard seeds are used to make Dijon mustard. In folk medicine, mustard seeds were widely used as a form of powder or mustard flour inside as a means of increasing appetite.


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It’s one of the most important oilseeds, a good honey plant. Sometimes it’s sown as a green fertilizer and to feed dairy cattle. Table mustard is one of the favorite seasonings for various meat dishes, gastronomic products, soups, vegetables. The mustard seeds’ powder is used as a seasoning and flavoring for hot and cold meat dishes, salting vegetables and canning fish. Mustard powder seed cake has a warming effect and is used to prepare mustard plasters, they are used in medicine as a warming and distracting agent that causes a rush of blood and deepens breathing in case of pneumonia, neuralgia, for a reflex effect on blood circulation function, in case of hypertensive crises, which threatens a stroke, angina pectoris.


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