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New Face of Your Bathroom Neo Bagno is a bathroom accessories manufacturer from Turkey. We produce bathroom accessories that are easy to use, aesthetic, and hygienic for our customers. As Neo Bagno, we have an extensive portfolio of product ranges such as: •Led Mirrors, •Hotel Equipements, •Shower systems, •Beach Showers, •Public Area Combi Systems, •Toothbrush holders, Toilet Paper dispensers, •Hotel Bathroom Furnishing •Bathroom Fixtures, •Soap Dispensers, •Bathroom Accessories for the disabled and many more to be discovered on our website! We produce our products within our own group companies. We attach great importance to R&D studies to continuously produce innovative and forward-looking products during production. All the products we produce are made of brass material %100. We use our facilities in both the coating and assembly stages. In this way, we reduce our costs and increase our quality. In addition, we highly trust our products and offer you a 10-year warranty. We prove how effective and quality products we can produce with all the certificates and documents requested by this sector. For our customers to purchase products at more affordable costs, we receive offers from companies we have worked with for a long time during the transportation phase, and we provide 24/7 100% support during the transportation process! Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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