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AÉROLLAGG SOLAIRE. Increase the air temperature independently without using electricity by more than 40° C, just thanks to the sun. Either indoor air mainly for heating needs or outdoor air primarily for ventilation/dehumidification needs. POWER PIPE. You can make energy savings with this product. Simply use the heat from your hot water (showers, sinks, process…) that goes into the drain to preheat your cold water with our copper heat exchanger: up to 75% of the heat is recovered. DECENTRALIZED VENTILATION. Install active or passive decentralized single- or double-flow ventilation systems to improve your comfort, comply with regulations and deal with ventilation/dehumidification related problems. LIGHT SHAFT. Add natural, healthy, free lighting for your comfort and cut your electricity bill. Roof-integrated low-energy building-compliant shaft, large dimensions, glass skylight.

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Explanation of the operation and benefits of the Power Pipe

You will understand how the Power Pipe works and what it will bring you. Voice from Quebec.

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  • Слънчева енергия - инсталации
  • Solar air collection
  • Stand-alone solar air collection
  • off-grid solar air collector
  • SolarVenti solar air collector
  • Heat recovery unit
  • Heat recovery from grey water
  • Power Pipe heat recovery unit
  • Wall-mounted aerator
  • SIEGENIA-AUBI wall-mounted aerator
  • cmv
  • VT aerator
  • CO2 COV air probe
  • Aéropac
  • Aérovital
  • Aérolife
  • Aéroplus
  • Light shaft
  • LIGHTWAY light shaft
  • light shafts for natural daylight
  • patio light shaft
  • Light shaft for multi-occupied buildings – stairwell
  • Low-energy building RT 2012 compliant light shaft
  • Natural lighting
  • SIEGENIA-AUBI Ventilation
  • heat recovery unit from hot water
  • reduced hot water consumption
  • energy-saving advice for the home
  • economisers for central heating systems

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  • power pipe

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