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Voted the finest saffron in the world: Afghan saffron was voted the world's finest by the International Taste Institute, ahead of saffron from Morocco, Iran and even Spain. QAMIAB only selects the finest red stigma for you, the most aromatic and scented part of the pistil. We never include the yellow threads that alter the taste and falsify the final weight. Packaged in France, your red gold retains its full flavour. Harvested by hand in the traditional manner: the exceptional saffron supplied by QAMIAB is grown beneath the Afghan sun before being harvested by hand in the time-honoured traditional manner. Plants are also trimmed by hand. You will always obtain the latest harvest, grown during the current season. Long reserved exclusively for starred chefs, saffron from QAMIAB is now available to other professionals and private customers. Powerful in taste and rich in flavour: to make certain that you receive outstanding Afghan saffron of exceptional quality, we also use two independent laboratories to carry out additional inspections. the first occurs in Afghanistan just before the saffron is exported, the second is in France just before it is packaged.


Safran de grande qualité pour professionnels (laboratoires, restaurants ...)

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