Rubber in Motion

Supplier of solutions for the rubber and other polymers industry, REP international manufactures and markets rubber injection and compression machines.
The REP company has been selling injection molding machines since 1948. Very early on, REP understood the importance of polymers and elastomers to industry and decided to specialize in the rubber injection technology.
Our advantages ?
Exclusive solutions and an international network of sales and aftersales agents.
Our core knowhow?
A high-technology range of vertical and horizontal rubber injection molding machines.
With over 60 years experience of building rubber injection presses, the REP GROUP now has an extremely broad understanding of rubber molding. We put our know-how to work for you!
Join the community of thousands of users in the world who have chosen authenticity with REP injection molding machines!

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REP CMS: Compact Multisation Molding Machine

4-station injection molding machine with 1 injection station, 2 curing stations,1 de-molding station: 90% increase in productivity compared with a single-station press!

REP Rubber Injection Molding Process - Tutorial

Learn the basics about REP injection molding process ! Y-structure with separate plasticizing and injection functions for unrivaled accuracy throughout the injection process.

REP | Vertical Rubber Injection Press : press closing tutorial

Rubber injection molding technology - Closing unit: let's look at how it works

REP dévulcanisation HSM

Turn your scrap rubber into raw material ! HSM devulcanisation process by REP Watson Brown to recycle your rubber waste ! Check out our new website at

REP international, rubber in motion

REP's corporate video

REP International, rubber injection molding machinery

REP's corporate video

REP's corporate video - Français


Фотоматериали, публикувани от тази фирма

  • REP V19 C-Frame machine

  • REP H49 horizontal rubber press

  • RT9 (from 100 to 500 T)

Ключови думи, свързани с тази фирма

  • Каучук - машини и техника за индустрията
  • Впръскване на каучук и леене под налягане на пластмаса
  • Рециклиране - машини и инсталации
  • Фасониране на каучука - машини
  • micromachine injection presses
  • silicone injection moulding machines
  • vulcanization injection moulding machines
  • rubber overmoulding machines
  • gooseneck presses
  • vertical injection presses for rubber injection
  • rubber moulding horizontal injection moulding machines
  • rubber manufacturing waste recycling
  • horizontal presses
  • compression presses

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