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ROYAL-BEES EOOD is the leading company in the Beekeeping & Honey business on the Bulgarian market. The company is specialized in collecting, processing (production) and trading with: bee honey, bee products and beekeeping equipments. ROYAL-BEES EOOD has strong longterm-partnerships with many companies from all over the world Main market of the company is : Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Japan and South Korea. Main products which ROYAL-BEES EOOD can provide are : 100% NATURAL BEE HONEY ( polifloral, acacia, forest, linden, herbal, sunflower, rape, coriander and other types.) 100% NATURAL FRESH ROYAL JELLY(The highest quality royal jelly in the world. All royal jelly is made by a special tehnology of production from strong bulgarian bees, produced directly in our own bee farm- HOSEYNI BEE FARM-since 1909 year). 100% NATURAL BEESWAX - we have two types: RAW(collected directly from beekeepers) PURE(factory cleaned raw beeswax) 100% NATURAL BEE POLLEN (multi flower bee pollen with factory process of drying, cleaning and packing only) 100% NATURAL BEE PROPOLIS - we have three types: RAW(collected directly from beekeepers) PURE(factory cleaned raw propolis) POWDER( factory powdered pure propolis)


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