For more than 70 years, RUFF has been building both toroidal winders and turret winding machines, and its name stands for the highest quality worldwide. In 2002, RUFF expanded its product range when it came to linear winding machines. The LW models range from small bench machines for fine wires to heavy floor machines for coils of several flat wires. Since 2005, RUFF has belonged to an industrial group for the expansion of equipment in winding technology. With over 30 years of experience, the product range offers solder pots, studding machines, automatic core insertion machines and packing welding machines. This way, we can satisfy most customer requirements in the transformers, solar energy, automotive, lighting, electromechanics and electronics industries.

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  • Устройства за навиване на бобини
  • Toroidal core winding machines
  • Toroidal core winders
  • Coil winders for electrical engineering
  • Winding machines for the electronics industry
  • Winding technology
  • Solder pots, electrical
  • Tyre profile cutters
  • Cutting machines, thermal
  • Toroidal winders
  • Turret winding machines
  • Linear winding machines
  • Heating coil machines
  • Resistor coils
  • Pole shoe winding machines
  • Inductor winding machines
  • Upright winding machines
  • Catheter winding machines
  • Spring winding machines
  • Wire brakes
  • Motor spool winding machines
  • Winding machines for fuses
  • Winding machines for heating elements
  • Flat wire winding machines
  • Pull winding machines
  • Solenoid winding machine
  • coiling machines for wires
  • winders
  • cutters for rubber
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