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TROPIKCAR PREMIUM AIR FRESHENERS, e Производител, създадено през 2009, и работи в сферата на Нехранителни есенции и аромати. Освен това развива дейност и в сферата на Fragrances, environmental deodorants, car deodorant, essence diffusers for the home. Седалището му е в/ъв Navarcles, Испания.

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Our vehicles speak of us, sometimes we spend so many hours inside it that it becomes a fundamental part of our lives. Those long summer trips, long caravans to go to work, weekends with friends ... Yes, we spend many hours in our car and creating a warm and welcoming environment is essential to enjoy those trips. To do this, we must select from the multitude of options that exist on the market today, in order to find the best possible car air freshener. To drive we use all five senses and smell is one of them, it is necessary to be able to feel good in our vehicle and try to minimize or eliminate bad odors due to continued use. Luckily the market for car air fresheners has evolved a lot in recent years, we can choose hundreds of scents, scents that come out of the most classic line, such as the typical pine or lemon air freshener. In terms of quality aspects, the market has also evolved a lot, we can find air fresheners with 0% Alcohol and with biodegradable materials.

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