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Our company is exporting almost all of the agricultural products to other countries, mainly to Turkey. Our main field of activity is legumes, as well as supplying raw materials for animal feed and oils. We generally export the products as natural as harvested from the cropland but If requested, we can also export semi-finished products after cleaning and packaging. In all processes ranging from product selection to processing and loading, utmost attention is paid to commercial safety and product quality. We pay attention to transparency and full implementation of procedures in all business and transactions. Thus, we can maintain the relationship with our business partners safely and permanently. The main geographical area of our activity is central and eastern Bulgaria, but we are also connected to the whole country. We usually use road transport for product transfer but depending on the situation sometimes we use the ports of Varna and Burgas.

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20 Saedinenie Blvd. Entr. A, Fl. 1, Apt,: 11 Haskovo, 6300 Bulgaria

6300 Haskovo - България

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