Manufacturers of Electric Heating Elements and Controls

WATTCO has been manufacturing custom designed industrial heaters and controls for over 50 years. With over 7000 customers, we design process heating solutions for oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, military, HVAC, pharmaceutical and food industries around the world. Our electric heating products are also available with digital control panels that are able to accommodate standard, moisture proof, and explosionproof environments. Our products are UL and CSA approved. Custom made circulation heaters are available with flanged immersion heaters that allow for easy maintenance and extremely low production downtime. WATTCO offers  24 hour emergency service that allows for mission critical solutions when needed.

WATTCO is a manufacturing company developing electric heating products with uncompromised dedication to our customers, We offer solutions not only just products. WATTCO understands the value in service and the needs of our customers. WATTCO has the ability to provide quotes within one hour, manufacture custom made designs in a day and delivery that is unmatched in the industry. 

WATTCO has the fastest turnaround time where we can accommodate your schedule. Our stocked heaters come in a number of different wattages, voltages and dimensions to fit most application needs. Our production facility allows us to make custom made heaters in a day. We handle all the paperwork and processing documents. Please contact us for a quote today (514) 488-9124.

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Industrial Process Heaters by Wattco

Immersion heaters come in a variety of sizes, power and features. This video shows how some electric heaters are used in petrochemical, chemical, oil and gas industries ...

Wattco skid mounted circulation heater for oil tanks with controls

What is a skid mounted circulation heater? Here we show circulation heaters that come in an array of sizes based on its applications. In the petrochemical industry they are used to help viscosity ...


Wattco est une entreprise de fabrication qui développe des produits de chauffage électrique à destination du monde entier depuis 1969.

Wattco Industrial Heaters and Controls

Wattco Industrial Duct Heaters

Calentadores de inmersión industriales

Calentadores de inmersión industriales. Los calentadores de inmersión industriales son una manera rápida y eficiente de calentar varias soluciones líquidas en equipos de procesamiento, tanques grandes

Calefactores Inmersion WATTCO

Los calentadores de inmersión industriales son una manera rápida y eficiente de calentar varias soluciones líquidas en equipos de procesamiento, tanques grandes y contenedores en muchas industrias.

Les réchauffeurs électrique face aux environnements à risques explosifs

Les réchauffeurs à immersion, ou thermoplongeurs à bride, sont d’autres techniques de chauffages électriques qui permettent de réchauffer des gaz et des liquides via des éléments tubulaires ...

Wattco Industrial Heaters for Oil and Gas sector

Oil tank heating can involve different types of process heaters such as circulation heaters, immersion heaters, flange heaters and skid mounted inline heaters ...


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