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The company "Video Doska" is a manufacturer of transparent lightboards for distance and e-learning as well as a supplier of professional video equipment for studios. Transparent lightboards by "Video Doska" can be used for writing and drawing with fluorescent markers. Positioned against a dark background and adjusting the RGB and LED backlighting of the glass and LED backlighting of the speaker, it is handy to record video lessons for commercial training, presentations and hold videoconferences. Additionally, the company offers turnkey outfitting of video studios: professional audio and video equipment sets for studios include lightboards, 4K and FullHD video cameras, sound systems (lavalier radio system, connecting cable, sound card, chargers, headphones), monitors for speaker and operator, LED lights, black and coloured backgrounds, a switching system, a teleprompter. The company has been producing learning glasses. The advantage of this audio-visual teaching aid is simplicity of use (just mirror the recording to get the finished video lesson) and eye contact between the speaker and the audience, both looking at the same point. "Video Doska" has successfully outfitted dozens of e-training video studios in Russia and Central Asia, using state-of-the-art engineering solutions, and has also launched a school of video technologies. The company not only offers the supply of lightboards and equipment for recording video lessons, but also looks for franchisees worldwide.

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